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Tanishq - Mama's Boy


Being a mama's boy inherently implies that every relationship with a female (girlfriend, wife, and daughter) a man has in his life will never be as important to him as the one with his mother.

Calling a woman “Daddy’s girl” is often connected with beautiful imagery of her being the apple of her dad’s eye, but how often do we hear people saying “Mama’s Boy” in the same tone?


Stemming from the insight, we run a campaign that calls out and celebrates this gentle relationship between a son and his mother.

With the help of a digital film and a corresponding social campaign, we communicate to our audience that no relationship is more pure that the one a son shares with his mother.

We then ask our users to share their stories with us and host selective ones on our social channels.


The campaign will be executed in three parts:

  • Vox Pop video

  • Terribly Tiny Tales

  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Our objective with this Mother's Day campaign is to convey this strong, yet simple message that being a Mama's boy must not be looked down upon.

We will use this occasion to pay a tribute to the strong mothers by acknowledging all the 'Mama's boys', and also strengthen the brand positioning with this communication.

This would be carried out with the help of a Vox Pop wherein we’ll ask our audience to compare both the relationships, that between a father and his daughter and a mother and her son.

This is how we’ll go about it:

  • Who are you more close to – your dad or your mom?

  • Depending upon their answers, our next question would be – do you

  • identify yourself as a daddy’s little girl/ mama’s boy?

  • We expect girls to have a positive answer. The boys, however, will try to

  • justify the label.

  • How do you feel about the term ‘Mama’s Boy’?

This video will then be hosted on our social media platforms to help us convey Tanishq’s stand on the matter.

Tanishq, being the progressive brand, has always had a different take on social truths and through this video, we aim to break the clutter and reinforcethat the spirit of every celebration lies in embracing our emotions in their truest forms.


Stories based on love have emerged as crowd favourites on TTT.

With the topic being #MamasBoy, we’ll ask them to share either short tales of 144 characters or open letters that revolve around the same idea.


The vox pop and partnership with TTT will then be backed on social media with the following activities/contest.

Twitter - Encourage men to share stories about their mothers and why they take pride in being a #MamasBoy.

Instagram - The stories shared along with the pictures and hashtag will be reposted on our page.

Facebook – Similar to IG, we’ll ask users to share their pictures and post them in a video format (like Rivaah contest).

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