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Honestly, I don’t really blame women for burning their bras. With hooks clawing into your skin and underwires stabbing your ribs, it only makes sense if you make the switch and acquaint yourself with the new kid on the block.

Say hello to the bralette! The no-fuss, only fun innerwear that’ll not only support you but make sure that your style game is on point. So, what makes a bralette any different from a blood thirsty, soul sucking bra? Well, for starters, it has no underwires that’ll stab you in your ribs and make you suffer from another round of existential crisis. If only you could remove people from your life as easily as you can remove pads from a bralette, won’t that be freakin’ brilliant? Apart from removing your pads or not removing it (#MyLifeMyChoice), you can totally adjust your straps as per your requirement, because honestly, there’s only so much in life that you can alter as per your convenience.

Well, now that you have enough reasons to buy a bralette, you should also have a few reasons to stick to your ill-fitting bra.

  1. You’re a masochist who prefers discomfort.

  2. You’re too attached to the feeling you get once you take off your bra at the end of the day.

  3. You’re too scared to lose your support system that almost suffocates you.

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