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If you wear a bra, I feel sorry for you, hon; I got 99 problems but my bralette ain’t one!

The time of flipping out if your bra strap is visible is long past, or maybe not, if you’re still holding on to your captors because of Stockholm syndrome (See what I did there?)

Have you ever taken a moment to think that maybe tough love isn’t supposed to be that tough after all? Maybe all you need is a no hooks attached kinda relationship.

It’s funny how we were raised to believe that bra straps should be hidden. Not just that, to take it up a hook, we also had this wonderful option of wearing a strapless bra to prevent anyone from knowing you’re wearing one, because god forbid someone sees your bra strap, you’ll have to go through nine circles of hell.

What if you had a way around this? What if you could get your hands on an accessory that won’t just serve the purpose but look super-hot while doing so? Like Emma Watson! Have you ever thought to yourself or out loud – Why can’t one have a fancy accessory that’s comfortable? Well, Brag is your answer. The bralettes combine form with function, making it your go-to accessory that can be worn in many ways. Effortlessly stylish and unbelievably comfortable, Brag bralettes are anything and everything that you ever wished for (except your Hogwarts letter)

So, turn on ‘No by Meghan Trainor’ and let go of your captors!

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