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BRAG - Women's Day

Concept Note

Message - Don’t let the core of your true self fade away on your journey to womanhood.

While boys get to be boys (and men will be men), we are taught to be more than our age, to do

more than asked, to give more than we get and to be women more than anything else. Through the

video, we want to emphasize that women don’t have to give up on being “girls”.

Voice Over

Get up, stand up

Grow up, but at your own pace.

There’s no need to rush.

A girl with dreams will become a woman with vision

But let it be your choice, your decision.

Don’t give up on being a girl with imagination,

To become a woman that craves validation.

It’ll never be too late to be whoever you want to be.

A girl with passion will become a woman with ambition,

But let it be your choice, your decision.


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