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International Coffee Day

Concept Note

We highlight India's contribution to the world of coffee by celebrating the people who have kept our plantations thriving from the 17th century to the 21st century. We get the planters of Malnad to a Cafe Coffee Day square for a cup of coffee; get them to share individual experiences and talk about their heritage.

A point of view from the planters' eye where they reflect on how their bread and butter keeps the urban folk up and about the city streets.


<Introducing Malnad>

Enveloped in silver clouds and surrounded with lush greenery and foliage, Malnad plantations is a place right out of a vivid dream. The serene atmosphere filled with the sounds of nature makes one feel at peace.

<Introducing the planters>

In the scintillating lands of Malnad, beautifully tucked away in Sakleshpur, a few coffee growing families have rigorously, through ages, worked in the plantations for that perfect cup of coffee that makes us all forget our worries, one sip at a time.

<International Coffee Day>

This International Coffee Day, we celebrate the people, the effort that goes into making the most loved beverage of all times, coffee. From visiting each coffee plant innumerable times to picking the berries when it's just right - these planters have put their heart and soul into something that we hold so dearly to our hearts.

<Conversation with the planters>

'What keeps you going?' A question that we all have come across at some point in our lives. The answer to which is mostly, the result or the outcome. But what about these planters who work tirelessly in the plantations not knowing what the true essence of Cafe Coffee Day is, towards which they've been working their entire lives.

<Getting the planters to Bangalore>

Hence, we set out on a journey with the planters through the winding roads of _____ paved with timeless greenery and an expansive view of the forest and hills as far as the eye can see. The journey of a bean to a cup, of the planters to their success.

“ I’ve never been outside Malnad. This is all new to me. I’ve worked at the plantation all of my life but never expected that I’ll get to experience this. ”

A dash of history, a pinch of legacy and the determination to offer nothing but the best, is how Cafe Coffee Day provides the unmatched experience and that's exactly what we want the planters to feel; the result of their hard work and labour.

<Getting the coffee>

The air is laden with the smell of freshly ground beans and the whirring of the grinder transforms the finely ground coffee into the perfect cuppa! The bubbles on the surface are like a thousand shaky bells that stir you up and make you feel alive.

The glimmer in the eyes of the farmers warm up one's heart just like that cup of coffee that warms up your soul.

“This…This is really good. I never imagined that the beans we pick could ever transform into something like this.”

“How did you make that thing on top?” (Giggle)

“I have always taken pride in what I do but it fills my heart with joy to see the outcome of my work.”

Good coffee is not just about the grind, blend, roast or ratio. It’s also the spirit of the people involved in making it that elevates a simple cup of coffee to exceptional proportions.

“A lot can happen over coffee” (Chorus)

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